Porsche Owners Club

By Scot Combs

I’ve been voicing projects for clients locally, nationally, and internationally for a pretty long time. I do it because it’s what I’m best suited for. It requires creativity, flexibility, intuition, humor, sincerity, problem solving, skill, and a bit of talent. Plus, I don’t have to turn in expense reports, punch a virtual time-clock, or try to look busy. For me, it’s about connecting with my clients clients. Here’s what I mean; a while back a local company owner asked me to voice his radio commercials. The product was basement waterproofing. He asked if I’d write and produce the spots as well. After the first airing of the first commercial the phone started ringing. He was surprised. I was amazed! I’d never seen that happen before and I spent 20 years in broadcasting. We told the right story to the right people in the right way at the right time and my clients clients responded; so while I’m working with you, I’m thinking about them. Since then we’ve done many, many projects together and his business continues to flourish. He’s the company all others sell against. A local video editor I work with regularly (including on the History Channel’s Monster Quest series) once told me … “Y’know why I like working with you? ‘Cause I can give you a script and you’ll give me the exact read I was looking for. I don’t have to babysit you.” To be quite honest I’m not always certain what he’s looking for so I give him alternate takes of lines that could go one way or another. It appears to work. I’ve spent my whole life performing. I acted in school plays. I participated in acting and improvised acting competitions, winning a number of awards. I’ve been playing guitar and singing in bands since I was about 12 years old. I still do. In 1977, while working for a clothing store in Topeka, Kansas, I was tapped to do several of their commercials. This led to broadcasting school and a twenty year odyssey in radio and television where I worked as on air talent, production director, and creative director on local stations and a couple of national networks. When the station advertisers started hiring me to do their commercials in this market and others, and other stations advertisers started contacting me to do their spots, it began to dawn on me that a voiceover career might be possible. Turns out I was right. I trained with local celebrity voiceover coach and vocal therapist Edward V. (Mike) Foreman. This proved critical and I have Mike to thank for my career. I work from my own studio stocked with top shelf equipment and can connect with you in any way you need. I’m easy to get a hold of and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work on your project. Please don’t hesitate to contact me today.