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Client Testimonials

I’ve had the pleasure of recording Scot for over 20 years. He’s a true professional (smart and funny too!). Scot is one of my go-to voice talents. He has a warm, friendly style that projects expertise in his delivery, perfect for a variety of audio projects.

Scot is very professional, has great communication and the end result always sounds excellent! Over the years, he has proven time and again why his voice is one of the best!!

Scot Combs not only has great “pipes”, but is very intelligent and really understands what you are trying to convey as a producer. He has a great ability to interpret a script extremely well. This is very important when doing unattended sessions. In a VO session with client, stays laser-focused on giving the client what they want. Very consistent in his delivery, Scot makes it a snap to match previous reads. CHP has used Scot for over 15 years and he remains in our “A” list of talent. Scot Combs is the consummate professional and is highly recommended.

Scot is our go-to guy. Quick turnaround, consistently great reads. He just “gets” it!

Scot’s voice comes with it’s own, dialed-in processing – it sounds good on any mic. Whenever we book him for a session, we know we’ll get more than we need and share a few laughs along the way.

Scot seems to possess a magical ability to be simultaneously authoritative and friendly. I rarely have to direct him – but when I do he’s accommodating and professional. I’ve done a lot of different projects with him over the years…screaming car spots to movie trailer-esque promos to long form technical reads…he consistently delivers a voiceover that fits the production around it with minimal fuss. Now, if we could just do something about that hair…

It has been a real privilege to know Scot and work with him over the years. He is a consummate artist who delivers a great voice recording every time. His style, pacing, and delivery can enhance any project. He has extensive experience recording for many different types of projects, medical, legal, dramatic readings, corporate, commercial, or educational. If you enlist his help, you’ll be glad you did!

Scot Combs is “Hands Down, my first choice for Pro Voice Talent.” In 2013, due to an illness, I hired Scot to do over 60% of the message on hold voice talent I had been doing. 6 years later that hasn’t changed! He interprets and reads my copy as if I was voicing it! We continue to use Scot more today than ever.

Experienced • Flexible • Self-Directing

I save media producers time and headaches by easily handling technical terminology, minimizing retakes, and delivering audio that requires little, if any, sweetening. All with a Midwestern accent cultivated in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Perhaps I ‘m the right choice for your project. Let’s find out, connect with me today.